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Cruising through Europe

Cruising through Europe

Thomas Kittel retires from a successful executive career and with his wife, Jutta, he embarks on a series of cruising adventures that most would...
Jerry Lewless on his boat

The Legendary Captain Jerry Lewless

With more than seven decades of experience, Capt. Jerry Lewless is the ideal Exumas ambassador. Jerry Lewless is arguably the longest-running boat captain in the world. As...
How to make your yacht an LLC

How to Make Your Yacht an LLC

Here's how to make your yacht an LLC and reap the financial benefits—as long as you pay close attention to the requirements. If, like Chief...
Aspen Power Catamarans the 10,000 mile tour

From Washington to DC: The 10,000 Mile Tour

The Jenkins gave a whole new meaning to “taking delivery" when they took their new Aspen Powercat from Washington State to the Chesapeake Bay...
FDR on the m/y Potomac- Presidents on Yachts

Presidents on Yachts

It's not all hosting parties and poker games. Plenty of diplomacy discussions and secret salvations happened aboard. These are the secrets of Presidents on...


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