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    • Total Circulation: 75,669 (print & digital)
    • Average monthly unique visitors: 323,421 (website)
    • Opt-in Newsletter Contacts: 64,000
    • Social Media Audience: 21,562
  • Southern Boating is mailed to subscribers in all 50 states and 27 countries.
  • Southern Boating is the only boating magazine with a primarily paid audience.
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For more than 50 years, Southern Boating Magazine has served as the boating authority for the Southeast U.S., Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas, and Caribbean regions and beyond. Our loyal and affluent audience looks to Southern Boating for product reviews, cruising destinations, new boat reviews technology, industry news, and as the “go-to” resource for all things boating.

Southern Boating’s editorial and advertising content spans multiple platforms and across all consumer-reaching channels including print, digital, websites, email, and boating events.

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