Regulator 26XO

Regulator 26XO

an image of Midnight Express 43 Carbon Edition
Intrepid 375 Nomad

Intrepid 375 Nomad

Center Consoles

Center Consoles
Center Consoles are the fastest-growing segment of the marine marketplace—making the choices seemingly endless. Center Consoles are perfect for many occasions and appeal to a wide range of boaters, including the serious anglers, families, and the luxury day boater. View our library to learn more about the latest center console models and their various features.
cobia boats 320-cc-5

Cobia Boats

Cobia Boats In the 26 to 34 foot range, Cobia Boats are the top-selling center consoles in the county. Surprised? Spend any time on a new...
am image of a boat Everglades 340DC from Southern Boating

Everglades 340DC

Everglades 340DC Marking Everglades’ reentry into the dual console market, the Everglades 340DC  is a versatile boat with three distinct social areas and some creative extras,...
an image of the Chris-Craft 35 GT from Southern Boating

Chris-Craft 35 GT

Chris-Craft 35 GT Chris-Craft calls its newest addition to the Launch series the 35 GT, its most innovative model yet. Classic design, reverse transom, large rear...
Invincible 37 Catamaran

Invincible 37 Catamaran

Invincible 37 Catamaran A new catamaran joins Invincible’s fleet, a sibling to the 40 for those who prefer a smaller footprint. The Invincible 37 Catamaran has...
an image of the Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence

Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence

Ocean Alexander Divergence 45 The Ocean Alexander Divergence 45 is a welcome contrast from the big boat brand. When the assignment came in for this sea...


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