Boat gadgets come in all shapes and sizes. New products enter the market daily. You can count on Southern Boating to keep you updated on the newest gadgets for boating.
Trac Flushcaps


TRAC ECOLOGICAL FLUSHCAPS® make descaling, freshwater flushing and winterizing your raw water cooled equipment simple. They are available in three sizes to fit any...
Thermacell Halo Mosquito Repeller

Mosquito Repeller

Mosquitos no more! Repel those pesky bugs with Thermacell Halo Mosquito Repeller. Thermacell Halo Mosquito Repeller provides odorless, invisible, continuous protection from mosquitoes. Easy to operate, the Halo...
aquaphonics waterproof bluetooth speaker by lifeproof

Aquaphonics Waterproof Speaker by Lifeproof

The perfect accessory for summer is LIFEPROOF’S AQUAPHONICS, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that’s fully submersible and can pair with up to eight devices. The Aquaphonic is available...


AQUABOT is a hydration spray water bottle that’s great for galley use, keeping cool and cleaning off saltwater from gear. Its easy-to-use design offers...

Quick Cleat

No knots needed when the peel-and- stick adhesive QUICK CLEAT ™ is mounted on a flexible vinyl laminate for easy positioning on your inflatable kayak, paddleboard...


Top Five Boat Books

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