Five Water Toys for Summer Fun

Water toys for Summer fun

Five Water Toys for Summer Fun

You might not know it yet, but summer is just around the corner. It’s high time to start planning your summer cruising itinerary, and high time to start gearing up on those water toys for summer fun.

Here are five water toys to get you started!

Haven Kayak by Oru

The world’s first tandem origami kayak by Oru is the only one designed for one person to carry. The Haven Kayak weighs 40 pounds and features a universal rail system to accommodate a variety of mounts, such as fishing equipment, GPS units, and cameras. It can also convert to a single seat kayak to allow more space for gear, dogs and more.

MSRP $2,299

Foldable Kayak Wind Paddle

When you find yourself kayaking or paddleboarding downwind, take a break and let the wind push you along. The Foldable Kayak Wind Paddle is lightweight and designed for kayaks and boards up to 15 feet. It works best with winds between 4-13 knots. The kite measures 42×42 inches and is cut for a stable, easy-to-handle sail.

MSRP $49.96

Avon eJet 450 by Zodiac Nautic & Torqueedo

Torqeedo and Zodiac Nautic have joined forces to develop the Avon eJet 450, a stylish tender with a 55kW electric engine powered by the Torqeedo Deep Blue 80 electric motor and the BMW i3 battery source. The 14-foot, 6-foot wide tender carries six, comes in a variety of configurations and reaches 30+ knots quietly. Designed for yachts 75 feet and larger, the tender delivers in May.

Approximately $34,600

Navatics MITO

Navatics MITO remotely operated underwater vehicle allows users a comfortable way to explore underwater locations without being in the water. The drone has a state-of-the-art stabilization system and a 165-foot tether that goes down 130 feet. The camera takes 4K video and 8MP stills and is piloted by a remote controller with a smartphone. Available in March.

MSRP $1,499

Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter

Sublue’s Whiteshark Mix Underwater Scooter has powerful dual motors to propel you more than three miles per hour. The lightweight scooter runs on a chargeable 1,100 mAh battery. It runs for 30 minutes and is depth-rated to 131 feet. A GoPro mount is included.  Propellers are protected to ensure the swimmer’s safety.

MSRP $699


The JETSURF ADVENTURE DFI introduces new features for 2019, including a specially
designed rack on the front of the board that carries a compatible duffle for any adventure or the attachable fuel container to enjoy cruising for up to 3 hours. Equipped with a DFI low emission impact, two-stroke engine, the board has a top speed of 35 mph.

MSRP $11,400

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