Horizon PC65

Horizon PC65

Aspen Power Catamarans the 10,000 mile tour

Andy Sturner


Browse through interviews that peek into the lives and careers of those in the boating industry. Interviews with marina owners, boat builders, and event coordinators can be found here.
Best of the Year

The Best of the Year

The best of 2018 The tribe (you are part of the Southern Boating Tribe) has spoken! Boats, boats and more boats. That's what you wanted to...

Southern Exposure’s Q & A: Roger Moore, CEO of Nautical Ventures

SB: Tell us about Nautical Ventures and when it was founded. What was the inspiration behind its beginning? RM: Nautical Ventures was founded 31 years...

Breaking Physical Boundaries

Individuals with disabilities stay active on the water through products, boat designs and organizations. Individuals with disabilities make up the nation’s largest minority group, which...

Brett Fitzgerald

Executive Director of the Snook & Gamefish Foundation, Brett Fitzgerald, explains the concept of Ales for Anglers and shares easy ways to contribute to...
Jimmy Floyd, Bradford Marine

Southern Exposure’s Q&A: Jimmy Floyd, Sales Manager at Bradford Marine

SB: You have an extensive history in the marine industry. What sets Bradford Marine apart from competitors? How has it accomplished this and how...


Horizon PC65

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