Your Guide to Summer Boating with Dogs

boating with dogs

Summer boating with dogs

Summertime, and the boating’s easy…

Well, maybe not easy per se, but we’ll help try to make summer boating safe and fun. That goes double if you head out on the water with your dog this summer.

Warmer weather naturally draws people to their boats, which is a great way to beat higher temperatures. However, keep in mind, summer heat poses a higher risk to pets than humans.

A dog’s body is not very good a cooling down; they only release heat through the limited number of sweat glands between their toes and by panting. This means your pups can easily overheat.

Before you set off on a summer cruise, take a look at these tips to keep your dog safe and sound at sea.

Thanks to K9ofMine for this infographic. Happy summer boating!


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