Island Hopping in Eleuthera

Island Hopping in Eleuthera

an image of a ray in the Southern Exumas

Southern Exumas

winter weather in the bahamas

Winter Weather in The Bahamas


The islands of The Bahamas are paradise. The never-ending sun, friendly people and world-class fishing make The Bahamas a popular boating destination. Whether cruising to Bimini for the weekend or planning an extended stay, Southern Boating has all the information you need. With a little bit of insight and local knowledge, navigating the clear waters can be fun and memorable for everyone aboard. Browse The Bahamas section of our website to learn more about upcoming fishing tournaments, places to stay, recreation, safety tips, local hangouts, and so much more.
bonefishing in he Berry Islands

Five Days Fishing in the Berry Islands

Five Days in the Berry Islands The Berry Islands hold great historic intrigue owing to their past as a drug transshipment Mecca and a playground...
How to Clear Customs

How to Clear Customs in the US

Following protocol on your return from The Bahamas is more than just a suggestion. It’s the law. Learn how to clear customs.  Your trip to...
Island hopping in the Abacos

Island Hopping in the Abacos

An Abacos Island Hop One of the best things about traveling in The Bahamas (and there are many), is the sheer number of islands. The...
an image of the scenic caves of Northern Long Island

What to do in Northern Long Island

When you think of boating in The Bahamas, northern Long Island will probably not come to mind, but set your waypoints to experience some...
Learn where to Cruise in Long Island

Where to Cruise in Long Island

You'll find there are several lee anchorages when you cruise in Long Island. There are the usual easterly trade winds along the northern half of...


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