The Best Memories

the best memories are made on the boat

The best memories are made on the water.

But I don’t have to tell you that. Whether it’s fishing with kids, cruising on a family vacation or a grandkid cruise, we all know the best memories are made on the boat.

A recent National Marine Manufacturers Association survey revealed that nearly 8 out of 10 adults who boated last year had also done so as children. The report also found that those who enjoyed the lifestyle as children were more likely to do so as adults. This makes complete sense: if you grow up around boating, you are more likely to boat later in life.

When I was growing up, boating was ingrained into my life. I was fortunate to live in a place where it was almost a given that you would spend time on a boat. But now, I realize that while I love being on boats, I’m not ready to be a boat owner. Let me rephrase that: I’m not ready to be a boat owner YET. And I think a lot of people find themselves in a similar situation, for a host of reasons.

If you’re between boats or not sure if ownership is a good current fit, you can still stay active on the water. Options include renting, sharing or joining a boat club. You can also enter into a shared ownership with family or friends. Or an inexpensive option like a dinghy, small sailboat or aluminum boat. I, for one, like the rental option. I’ve occasionally used Boatsetter (like Airbnb for boats) for special events and holidays.

But really, the most important thing is to pass along the love of boating on to family and friends. I hope to be a proud boat owner someday. Of course, that’s once my credit cards, student loans, mortgage, car loan, and home improvements are completely paid off. I’m just not there yet. I feel like I have an obligation to pass on the love of boating onto others. We all do. It comes from those who passed it on to me.

Here’s a sweet story from our friends at Discover Boating about the legacy that boating left on three generations of the Ader family.



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