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If the get-up-and-go in your outboards got up and went and never returned, it’s time to consider new power. So check out these new outboard models.

In recent years, many builders who only offered boats with inboard or I/O power are debuting new outboard models. Think Formula or Tiara. Outboard manufacturers responded to the increased demand by offering new products in a broader range. They are continuing to do so at an accelerated pace. Here are some of the newest outboards that debuted this year.

Mercury Marine

The Wisconsin-based manufacturer launched the Mercury 115 Pro SX in 2016. Now, there is the new 150 Pro SX, which was introduced at the 2018 Miami International Boat Show. According to John Buelow, Mercury Marine vice president of category management, this new four-stroke model is based on one of the company’s most successful engine platforms, the Mercury 150.

“Building on this solid foundation, Mercury engineered the new performance-tuned 150 Pro XS to be the quickest, lightest and most advanced high output outboard in its class,” says Buelow.

Mercury Marine 150 Pro XS features include:

  • Lightest weight: At 456 lbs., it’s 20 lbs. lighter than the closest competitive product.
  • Quick acceleration to give anglers a competitive advantage
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Superior protection against corrosion in saltwater environments

Mercury also announced its new outboard models would include the V-6 FourStroke. It was added to the outboard family with a horsepower range of 175, 200 and 225, plus a V-6 200-hp SeaPro commercial outboard. The new 3.4-liter V-6 platform employs a large displacement and set a new benchmark in the marine industry according to John Pfeifer, Mercury Marine president.

“They are the quietest, lightest, smoothest, quickest, and most fuel-efficient engines we have produced in this range,” he says. The new FourStroke engine weighs 475 lbs. and is the lightest weight in its class by more than 10 pounds. The 3.4L V-6 FourStroke achieves the best acceleration of the builder’s products and 20 percent more torque than the closest four-cylinder competitor at cruise.

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Seven Marine

In mid-2017, Volvo Penta acquired majority ownership of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based outboard manufacturer. However, the transition did nothing to slow down the innovative builder’s momentum. Seven Marine introduced two brand new models ranging from 527 to 627 horsepower. In addition, the company redesigned and enhanced their 627-hp model.

According to Rick Davis, Seven Marine president and CEO, the intent since the beginning has been to improve the outboard experience. The new product line furthers that vision. “With the market introduction of the 557 seven years ago, we revolutionized the outboard industry with luxury style and big power to carry larger boats. Now, with our Outboard Portfolio, we’re optimizing our product range to adapt to the ever-changing style, performance and reliability requirements of the expanding outboard market.”

The new outboards were built with Seven’s 6.2L supercharged V8 platform. That means closed cooling, wet-disc clutch transmission and fuel injection. All three models have Seven’s new twin-prop contra-rotating (CR) gearcase option. The CR gearcase supports the largest blade area in the industry, ranging from 18 to 19.5 inches, with four- or five-blade props.

Seven Heaven

The results speak for themselves: optimized low-speed maneuverability, better fuel efficiency, less engine stress, and a better trim response. Additionally, the CR is offered as one of three options, along with the standard single-prop twin-pinion and the GT high-speed gearcases. “The standard single-prop unit is for speeds from 60 to 85 mph. The twin-prop unit is for heavier boats running less than 60 mph,” says Davis.

  • The new 527 features an all-new 1.91:1 gear ratio option, which transmits big torque into high thrust to propel big boats.
  • The new 577s is a higher-horsepower outboard, with a Spectra-Lite lighting package that provides full-spectrum LED lighting on the rear of the motor.
  • The enhanced 627sv delivers durable power, torque, fuel efficiency, and industry-leading thrust, and, according to Davis, represents the most technologically advanced outboard in the history of outboard evolution.

The existing Seven Marine 557 engine will be phased out and replaced by 527 and 577 models. Seven also introduced an extended warranty plan at the Miami show with a new optional two-year limited warranty extension on top of the standard three-year warranty.

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Yamaha Marine

In addition to new power offerings in 2018, the Yamaha Marine Group added new rigging options and colors. Ben Speciale, Yamaha Marine Group president, says “With new outboards, rigging, and feature-rich choices, customers can tailor their outboard power. There’s choices available to fit their exact boating needs and preferences.”

The new V MAX SHO 90 is the smallest of the line but comes with class-leading torque and top speed for more power with less weight. The V MAX SHO 90 is reportedly the fastest in its class and also the quietest. The outboard is compatible with Yamaha’s variable trolling RPM switch (VTS) for slow trolling. It is also Y-COP compatible for increased theft protection. The V MAX SHO 90 is compatible with Yamaha’s award-winning multifunction tiller handle.

Additional offerings include counter-rotation. That’s now an option for the Yamaha F200 on boats that require a 20-inch shaft (with digital electronic control). A new color, Yamaha White, also is available for Yamaha F300 and F350 models. Yamaha White is preferred by more than 30 percent of new boat customers in the offshore segment.

Eligible buyers of  Yamaha four-stroke outboards in the 2.5 to the 150-horsepower range will also benefit from the “Wake Up to Savings” promotion. It runs until June 15, 2018, at authorized participating Yamaha outboard dealers.

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By L.N. Evans, Southern Boating June 2018

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