Resorts World Bimini is just a hop, skip and a world away

You don’t need to travel to the other side of the world. Adventure is waiting— and so much closer than you think. Come over to Resorts World Bimini.

It is uncanny and hard to describe, but when you are here, you feel it. Bimini is where storied sands, tangible magic, and island folklore come to life. It’s Hemingway’s literary muse, home to the Fountain of Youth and a piece of the lost city of Atlantis…or so the stories go. Bimini positively overflows with rich history, fabled tales, and charming curiosities.

The Bahamian island of Bimini lies a mere 50 miles east of Miami, Florida’s coast. What was once a haven for 18th-century pirates and rum runners during Prohibition for its proximity to the U.S., Cuba and other surrounding Caribbean islands, Bimini is now a traveler’s paradise—complete with exquisite beaches, incredible fishing adventures, and, of course, island charms. “Bimini is a destination not as well known to most travelers. It offers the unique opportunity to travel somewhere most people have not been,” says Resorts World Bimini’s Media Manager Aaron Keene. And he’s right; it’s certainly no Nassau. While it has been developed, the island remains true to its roots and culture.

Travel the streets of the island (golf cart is the preferred method of transportation) and soak in the charm and hospitality from eateries like Edith’s Pizza, Stuart’s Conch Stand and Three Daughter’s Deli. Even better, head up to the famous Dolphin House, a treasured hub for history and the essence of what makes the island so special.

Old-World Charm, New-Fashioned Luxury

As the legend goes, Ashley Saunders began creating the famed Dolphin House in 1993 after a profound encounter while swimming with wild dolphins. He’s been building the tribute structure from objects found on Bimini ever since. Stop by and marvel at the mosaics covering the walls crafted from tiles, shells, bottles, coins, and everything in between. Be sure to speak with Saunders about the island’s history and most notable residents. “The town of Bimini offers authentic Bahamian culture and is relatively untouched,” says Keene.

The town may still be a snapshot into earlier days, but once you reach the arching gateway to the sprawling 750-acre Resorts World Bimini (RWB), you start to feel the magic mixing with adventure. Completed in 2016, the lavish resort is a complement to the island’s leisurely vibes. Bimini holds many accolades. Two of the most impressive are “Gateway to the Bahamas” and “Gamefishing Capital of the World,” so it’s no surprise that lavish marinas at RWB were built for guests to stay, play and fish to their hearts’ content.

Arrive in Style

There are two docking options for cruisers looking for adventure at Resorts World Bimini: the expansive Mega Marina, adjacent to the resort and can accommodate vessels up to 200 feet, or at the marina located in Fisherman’s Village, steps away from the resort’s entrance. For would-be visitors not inclined to cruise across the Gulf Stream, there are a handful of ways to arrive in style.

Tropic Ocean Airways offers unparalleled seaplane service from Fort Lauderdale and Miami. In under an hour, you’ll go from stateside to poolside, and while the water landings alone could constitute an adventure, their skilled pilots are true professionals and leave you at ease. The other option is to leave from Miami Seaport on FRS Caribbean’s fast ferry. If seas are favorable, relax on the sundeck of the 170-foot catamaran ferry, and you’ll be at Bimini before you finish your cocktails.