Swimsuit 2017: Behind the Scenes

Swimsuit 2017: Behind the Scenes

207 Swimsuit

Coming soon to a mailbox near you: the 30th Annual Swimsuit Edition!

All photos were taken on-site at the Playa Largo Resort and Spa in Key Largo, Florida. You can visit their website and book a fabulous vacation to live like a model for a few days.

While you wait for the 30th Annual Swimsuit Issue, enjoy these EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes photos (and some silly outtakes as well!). All photos shot by Jim Raycroft. Boats provided by South Florida Performance Boats.

22Sunny Days Ahead!

Warm weather and sunny skies are all we found at Playa Largo Resort & Spa.

21Taking it back!

Our lovely models pose on the back of a Nor-Tech (South Florida Performance Boats). For those of you inclined to tell us this is unsafe– the boat was off and drifting!

20S’more please!

You can buy a Smores Making Kit at the Playa Largo Trading Company. What could be better than that?

19More, more, more

Nor-Tech boats (South Florida Performance Boats) provide Shirley (in Liz May) and Anna (Robin Piccone) with a great fishing spot.

18Pool time

Bonnie strikes a pose in a suit by Diane Raulston and necklace by Mischa’s Creations.

17Like Shirley’s suit?

It could be yours! Available for purchase at the Playa Largo Trading Company in the Resort.


Take a dip, take a sip.Suit by MANTA.


15Views and Brews

Can’t ask for a better view than this. Suits by MANTA and Robin Piccone.

14Property Views

Walk a tree-lined (model-lined) path to a private three-bedroom beach house. Private pool is included. Models are not.


Rent a private home away from home in a private bungalow.

12Our favorite Playa Largo Staff Member! 

David (the best) helped out so much– he went above and way beyond!

11Mermaid Life

It’s tough being a mermaid….

10Beach House Pool

Anna takes a dip in the unique Beach House Property.

9Makeup Time! 

To truly feel like a model, you must get your make-up done by Michele Winters of Palm Beach Makeup. Shirley wears a suit by Montce, Lexi Jewelry, and Abaco Sunglasses.


Shirley takes a sip from passion fruit. She is wearing a swimsuit by Sinesia Karol and jewelry by Lexi jewelry.  

7Here Fishy, fishy!

The girls put their angling skills to the test, with a bit of assistance from our trusty boat crew, aboard a Nor-Tech.  Shirley wears Liz May and Abaco Sunglasses.

6Kisses all around

Brooke blows a kiss in MANTA.

5Hard work, warm waters

The crew moves boats to get the perfect shot. Boats provided by Nor-Tech.


Brooke blows out her *burned* marshmellow. The resort has smores making kits for purchase at the Playa Largo Trading Company, located just off the lobby. Suit by SwimSystems and Lexi Jewelry.

3Just lounging around…

Lounging on unique round sun pads by the pool. Suit by MANTA. Choker by Lexi Jewelry, earrings by Sugar.

2Too hot? Cool down in the pool

Taking a dip in the beautiful pool in the center of the resort. Suit by Sinesia Karol, earrings by Sugar.

1Paddleboarding, sort of. 

Anna takes a break from paddling (toys available for rent at the resort’s beach). Suit by Sinesia Karol, sunglasses by Abaco, choker by Lexi.

Stay tuned…more photos will be added soon!