Fake Marina at Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

Fake Marina steals the show at the Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is well-known as Formula One’s most prestigious and glamourous race, with sportscars, yachts, and celebrities filling the ambience of the event. So when organizers chose the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, a landlocked venue about 15 miles from Miami’s beautiful beach, as the site for the inaugural Formula One Miami Grand Prix, promoters had to switch gears to create a luxurious event akin to its European counterpart.

From May 6-8, South Florida’s Hard Rock Stadium, home to NFL’s Miami Dolphins, transformed into racetrack and a marina. That’s right, a marina—a man-made marina.

Located between turns 4 and 6, Mia Marina was a 25,000-square-foot dry dock created with a vinyl material that looked like turquoise water with a ripple design to make it appear like the boats were floating. The 10 moored yachts and adjacent “yacht club” with sand were real. For a minimum of $9,500, fans could dine on the “waterfront,” and there were covered areas nearby for relaxing, as well.

The fake marina was nowhere off the beaten path…or track. It became a popular spot for selfies and videos for social media. Celebrity appearances added to the fun.

Miami definitely rolled out the red carpet—and the vinyl water—to create a memorable inaugural Formula One event.

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