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Electronics & Gear

Electronics & Gear
Any boat enthusiast will tell you with boat ownership comes electronics and boating gear—and lots of it! Researching which boating gear is necessary for your boat can feel like a full-time job. At Southern Boating, our writers and boating experts have decades of experience reviewing electronics and gear to determine the best. We’ve done the legwork for you! We provide insider tips, insights, trends, and resources for hundreds of products. Browse through articles that include product photos, pricing, detailed specifications, links to manufacturer websites, tips on best use and much more! We’re always looking for the latest and greatest electronics and gear. Have a product that you’d like Southern Boating to review? Contact for a review and possible inclusion on our website!
an image of flexpai flexible displays

Flexible Displays are a Gamechanger

Flexible screens open a new world for electronic displays. New technology doesn’t just appear. It takes years of research, testing, and development to bring ideas...
5 Must-Have Items for Spring Boating

5 Must-Have Items for Spring Boating

5 Must-Have Items for Spring Boating Spring has sprung! Or at least it has sprung in most locales. Some are still fighting through that last...
how to install a stereo on your boat

Install a Stereo on Your Boat

Install a Stereo on Your Boat Everyone likes tunes while on the water, but if your boat didn’t come with a factory-installed stereo, you don’t...
five ways to improve your dock

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Dock

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Dock Is your dock looking a bit lackluster? Maybe it's lacking in some additional safety features or it's just...
Electronics Troubleshooting Tips

Electronics Troubleshooting Tips

Save yourself a bundle with these electronics troubleshooting tips As is the case with most boat gear failures, electronic equipment problems always seem to crop...


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