World Food Championships

world food championships

World Food Championships in Orange Beach, Alabama

Some 1,500 professional and home cooks compete for big money and national attention November 7-11 at the 7th Annual World Food Championships at The Wharf in Orange Beach, Alabama.

It’s a spectator sport now—you watch them cook at various events and then you taste their results at the World Food Championships.

The main event and sideshows are just a short walk from The Wharf Marina on the ICW, which is handy for Great Loopers and other mariners on the move. In fact, one event, called The Yacht Club, is held at the marina. Diners with special tickets move about the marina and board several yachts where they watch and chat up award-winning chefs. Then they devour their delicious masterworks right there on the boat.

Another side event is called BBQ Beach. Pitmasters and celebrity chefs demonstrate skills with smokers and ceramic grills. At The Steak Out, they compete to make the best steak and share steak searing secrets. At The Tasting Pavilion, food brands let you sample their goodies. If you have the Walmart app on your smartphone, they’ll let you in free. At World Food Games, you can even play with your food, sort of, with team competitions like Egg Tossing and Corn Shucking. Kids love this one. It’s all first-come, first-served, so order your tickets in advance at

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