Foodies, rejoice! We’ve got the low-down on the best food out there.  Southern Boating’s galley-friendly recipes make it easy to entertain aboard.  Full of recipes, helpful tips on entertaining and themed menus, Southern Boating’s boat-friendly recipes are here to make cooking on board easy…and delicious!

an image of a happy hour menu

Happy Hour Menu

Happy Hour Menu Simple and delicious small bites make this happy hour menu a must-see…

an imag eof the classic mai tai

Mai Tai

Mai Tai Make the storied Mai Tai and tell the tale to those on board!…

Hawaiian Salsa

Hawaiian Salsa

Hawaiian Salsa Take your tastebuds on a trip to the islands with this tangy Hawaiian…

tiki noodles

Tiki Noodles

Tiki Noodles These zesty Tiki Noodles are the perfect combination of sweet, salty, spicy, and…

an image of Polynesian Shrimp

Polynesian Shrimp

Polynesian Shrimp This Polynesian Shrimp is quick and versatile. Try this tasty twist on shrimp…

frozen margaritas

Frozen Margaritas

Frozen Margaritas Drake had Santa Margherita by the liter, but we aspire to have frozen…