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Bond-eye swimwear

a sampling of bond-eye swimwear from Jim Raycroft
Feel your inner Baywatch.

Bond-Eye Swimwear

From chic one-pieces to beautiful bikinis, Bond-Eye swimwear is inspired by the culture of Australia’s most iconic beach, Bondi. Offering a collection of feminine and flattering swimwear, each piece has a relaxed sensibility with a fashion-forward edge. Crafted from the most high-performing fabrics, Bond-Eye designs are made to last, yet maintain a luxurious, soft finish.

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LeTarte Luxe Swimwear

Rachel is all smiles in a Letarte Swimsuit ©Jim Raycroft

LeTarte Luxe Swimwear is West Coast inspired but has East Coast roots. The comfortable and sophisticated silhouettes were ideal for our adventure to Bimini.