Sea Watch

Sea Watch
The state of our oceans, rivers and lakes. Southern Boating cares deeply about preserving the environment and the oceans we enjoy so much. Sea Watch has updates on reefs, national parks, conservation, climate and more.
Whirlpools and Maelstroms from Southern Boating

Whirlpools and Maelstroms

Whirlpools and Maelstroms The myths and realities of whirlpools and maelstroms Violent maelstroms capable of pulling large ships under with all on board lost have been...
shallow water blackout

Shallow Water Blackout and Electric Shock Drowning

Shallow Water Blackout and Electric Shock Drowning As the weather warms, it’s time for many of us to get back in the water. There are, however, risks....
Whats a Wave? Southern Boating investigates

What’s a Wave?

Every boater needs to know the surface condition of the water they are traversing. This condition is referred to as the “seas” and is the result...
The Invasive Lionfish

Lionfish: Eat ’em to Beat ’em

Lionfish: Eat 'em to Beat 'em Lionfish don't belong here. Their natural domain is in the South Pacific and Indian Oceans. There, they are a normal...
Manatees Return to South Florida Waterways

Manatees Return to South Florida’s Waterways

They're baaaaack! Sunday is the official start of manatee season. This means that slow-speed regulations in South Florida’s network of waterways take effect. Manatees can't...


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