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a woman diving during lobster mini season

Lobster Mini Season

Lobster Mini Season It's almost here! Avid lobster hunters say the lobster mini season is the best unofficial holiday of the year. What is it? Florida’s legendary...
Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

Leon Levy Native Plant Preserve

The Bahamas are famous for their crystal-clear waters, but our Bahamas Update writer finds there’s just as much to appreciate on terra firma. We interrupted...
Tall Ships

History in the Making

Before there were luxurious motor yachts with combustion engines, there were just boats with motors. Before there were mere motorboats, people traveled in a...
shipwreck Ponte Verda Beach Old shipwreck washes ashore in Ponte Verda Beach, Florida.

Shipwreck washes up in Ponte Vedra Beach

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