running shot of the Tiara 34LX from Southern Boating

Tiara 34LX

Hinckley Sport Boat Outboard Cruiser
an image of the Southport 33 DC from Southern Boating

Southport 33 DC

Sport Cruisers

Sport Cruisers
Sport cruisers are built for speed, comfort, and sometimes both! Southern Boating has all the sport cruisers for you. Take a jaunt to The Bahamas or just around the bay, these boats won't let you down.
an image of the Sealine S330V

Sealine S330V

Sealine S330V Sealine has designed a sporty, fun-to-drive, luxurious, and comfortable cruiser for the active family with their sport series Sealine S330v. The accommodations are...
Hinckley Sport Boat 40X

Hinckley Sport Boat 40X

Hinckley Sport Boat 40X Agile handling, offshore comfort, and ease of use are the parameters behind Hinckley’s Sport Boat 40x. The pilothouse features climate control...
Regal 33 XO

Regal 33 XO

Regal 33 XO The latest addition to the brand's express cruiser fleet is the  Regal 33 XO. Maneuvering is a breeze with power-assisted steering, twin binnacle...
an image of the Tiara Yachts C 49 from Southern Boating

Tiara Yachts C 49

Tiara Yachts C 49 There's a lot going on at Tiara. From the Tiara Yachts C 49 and Tiara Yachts 34 LS to the Tiara Yachts...
an image of the BRABUS Shadow 800

BRABUS Shadow 800

BRABUS Shadow 800 The BRABUS Shadow 800 by Axopar is the result of an exclusive alliance between award-winning Finnish boat builder, Axopar Boats, and German...


Tiara 34LX

Horizon PC65

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