Hinckley Sport Boat Outboard Cruiser
an image of the Southport 33 DC from Southern Boating

Southport 33 DC

bluegame yachts

Bluegame Yachts

Sport Cruisers

Sport Cruisers
Sport cruisers are built for speed, comfort, and sometimes both! Southern Boating has all the sport cruisers for you. Take a jaunt to The Bahamas or just around the bay, these boats won't let you down.
Antares 27

Antares 27

Antares 27 Bénéteau introduces the U.S. to their new generation of coastal cruising boats, the Antares range. Billed as the ultimate weekend cruiser, the range...

Cutwater C-242 SE

Cutwater C-242 SE The latest in Cutwater Boats’ versatile sport cruisers is the C-242 SE. The “special edition” C-242 is powered by a single Yamaha...
Sea Ray SLX 400 OB

Sea Ray SLX 400 OB

Sea Ray SLX 400 OB From their award-winning SLX 400 comes Sea Ray’s SLX 400 OB. Moving the engines to an outboard version, the SLX...
an image of the Sealine S330V

Sealine S330V

Sealine S330V Sealine has designed a sporty, fun-to-drive, luxurious, and comfortable cruiser for the active family with their sport series Sealine S330v. The accommodations are...
Jeanneau NC 1095

Jeanneau NC 1095

Jeanneau NC 1095 Well known for their sailing yachts, Jeanneau has been powerboating since 1958. The Jeanneau NC 1095 is the new flagship of the...


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