Fear Knot! The Knots You Need to Know

Knots to Know

Seven Knots You Need to Know

Whether you’re a seasoned line-tying expert or knot an expert at all (…sorry, this topic is ripe for puns, so if you think that’s the end, I’m afrayed knot), it is always good practice to know your way around the basics of rope tying. There’s no time like the present to get up to speed with knots. If knot now, when?

In truth, every boater should know how to tie proper boating knots to ensure safety and security while aboard and exploring the water. It’s certainly knot possible to learn every knot, but prudent mariners should be proficient with the basics.

To get the most from your knot tying, you’ll also want to work with clean, dry cordage of an appropriate strength, size and elasticity for the job. If you’re knot sure how much a rope can hold, don’t trust your life to it. And last but knot least, here’s a brief video with the seven knots you need to know.

What’s knot to like?

Were you knot entertained?

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