An Interview with David Marlow
[td_block_text_with_title custom_title=”An Interview with David Marlow of Marlow Yachts”]David Marlow got an interesting start in boat building. He explains here in a brief interview with SB&Y.


More about Marlow Yachts: 
“Each and every Marlow Explorer is built with the quality and care you would find in a completely custom yacht. We create an interactive experience for our customers and encourage your input so that the final product is an expression of your dreams.”
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An Interview with David Marlow

About Marlow Yachts:

“Early rough sketches were made around 1995 and progressed to full size 3/8”-1′ drawings in 1996. Using the profiles developed, models and mock ups of  possible interior configurations were built. 

In 1998, having settled on the basic design and direction, some of these sketches were furnished  to a prominent naval architect for comment and opinion, paying for and receiving a variety of interpretations using both his styling ideas, my suggestions and original sketches. After a period of time I elected to continue development alone. I soon had the good fortune to hear of a very talented young designer who thought outside the box of conventional styling and design. Typically, Naval architecture follows fairly well trodden paths of development which assures you that you will receive a pretty generic evolution or copy. This young and talented naval architect was Douglas Zurn from Marblehead, Massachusetts. Initial talks revealed a bright mind with an eye for details,  necessary criteria for the selected designer.

We went to work together and jointly designed one of the world’s most beautiful yachts. At the same time I continued to refine the concept of the proprietary underwater profiles and lines on the various models built. After each modification they were tested and compared. Doug Zurn and David Marlow share design credits for the Marlow Explorer 57C, 61C and 65C.”

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