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Is docking (or undocking, for that matter) the most difficult part about boating? It’s certainly the most visible to fellow cruisers. But don’t fret! With just a few tips from our favorite instructor, Captain Chris, you can dock like a pro. Watch the video below to see tips and tricks.

But first, a simple few tips to get you going:

1. Practice docking at an empty pier.  Practice makes perfect!

2. The wind wins. If it’s blowing from the dock, approach at a steep angle, using reverse gear and prop torque to swing the stern toward the dock. If it’s blowing toward the dock, plan to come “alongside” a boat width or more away, allowing the wind to push you all the way home.

3. Stress with less. When it’s super windy, it may help to take down your bimini and reduce your chances of being pushed where you don’t want to go.

4. Slow and steady wins the race.  If you come in too fast, you increase your chances of error.

5. As the World Turns.  Turn the wheel just before accelerating — not during or after. This simple trick prevents the stern from kicking around.


If you have a question about docking or else cruising related, ask Captain Chris in the comments!


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