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Hercules from Boathouse Auctions

Sometimes a boat is worth much more than the sum of its parts. One such case? M/Y Hercules.

Interviews with Molokai Strait 75’ Expedition Yacht owner, Ed Lipkin, Captain Sarah Lowell, and Wheelhouse Technologies president, Craig Parkhurst. Vessel currently up for auction through Boathouse Auctions with a previous market price of $1,890,000, being auctioned with an opening bid of $1M.

Boathouse Auctions helps yacht owners solve for the problem of time. They put the control in terms of sale date and minimum acceptable price in the hands of the yacht broker and owner, while at the same time providing attractive opportunities to buyers able to act with urgency.

Working through a large network of top yacht brokers, vessels come from motivated clients, nonprofit boat donation programs, and special situations. Our online yacht auction platform offers owners of high-quality yachts an alternative to what could potentially be a long traditional market sale by allowing them to discount some carrying costs in exchange for a time-certain solution that replaces negotiation with competitive bidding.

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