how deep is the ocean

Just how deep is the ocean?

The ocean contains 95% of living space on the planet but is woefully under-explored. This remains true despite the vital functions the ocean provides, such as supporting life and regulating oxygen levels.

While the average depth of the ocean is about 2.65 miles, the deepest part is upwards of 6.86 miles deep. This area is called the Challenger Deep, which is located in the western Pacific Ocean.

Deeper water means higher pressure and lower temperatures. These harsh conditions can make deep ocean exploration challenging. Water temperature hovers around 32 degrees Fahrenheit and the pressure is nearly 110 times greater than the earth’s surface. However, due to new technology and rising interest, this is beginning to change.

Watch the video below for an overview of the ocean’s depth.

Special thank you to Real Life Lore for this fascinating video!

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