Junkanoo Events


Junkanoo Comin’ Through!

The end of December means that it is Junkanoo time throughout The Bahamas. This
traditional festival is thought to have roots in Africa and found a home with early slaves in
these islands during the short holiday period they were granted after Christmas. This was
their only opportunity to freely celebrate art, culture, family, and community and to mix
in some sly social commentary. Junkanoo events are held in many locations throughout
the islands and generally on Boxing Day, December 26th, or on New Year’s Day. While
there are many opportunities throughout the year to get a small taste of this cultural
experience, there is nothing like the major event on Boxing Day in Nassau. Thousands
performing in large, organized groups will “rush out” in the downtown streets. This
late-night event goes all night and well into the next morning.

For information on how to attend, a good resource is trubahamianfoodtours.com/bahamas-specialevents.

By Rex Noel, Southern Boating December 2017

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