Pump Up the Volume With Hi-Tech Audio.

Music is a huge part of boating and fun on the water, and today’s latest electronics make it easier than ever to enjoy tunes on your boat. Whether you’re into rock or Bach, hip-hop or Handel, there are ways to trick out your vessel with receivers, speakers and amplifiers that greatly improve sound quality and the functionality of the system.

Most boats have some type of audio/entertainment system already in place, and the question becomes whether you need to replace or simply enhance what you already have. If your current stereo receiver is pre-Bluetooth or doesn’t have an AUX input or USB connection, then it makes a lot of sense to upgrade to a new stereo receiver head unit. Why? Because most of today’s entry-level stereo receivers can still play AM/FM radio while offering Bluetooth/USB/AUX capability. That’s a huge benefit because now the music on your smartphone or iPad can be easily routed through the receiver and played on board.

Having those three connection options from your smartphone to the receiver—Bluetooth/USB/AUX—removes a lot of the headaches of getting the music off your phone so it can play through your boat’s speakers. While a USB connection is a great way to go because you can charge your phone while it delivers the music to the receiver, there are cases where the receiver does not support an Apple or Android product. So if you can connect to the receiver via Bluetooth or the 3.5mm AUX input—the headphone jack on your phone—you can get around any compatibility issues.