Cruise with the Marine Trawlers Owners Association

An image of three trawlers, part of Marine Trawlers Owners Association

Cruisin’ with the Marine Trawlers Owners Association

The Marine Trawlers Owners Association hosts a five-day cruise to Cape May, New Jersey, that starts from Chesapeake City up along the C&D Canal that connects the upper Chesapeake Bay with Delaware Bay. It’s okay if you don’t have a trawler.

This group’s humble beginning started with two trawler owners and now has more than 2,000 members and more than 1,000 boats of many makes and models in eight regions of the U.S. As noted on its website, “Our group is not about a specific brand of boat; it’s about friendships, rendezvous, cruising, and ‘messing’ around in boats, and doing it with a trawler owners’ philosophy and outlook.”

The cruise to Cape May begins with a rendezvous on July 15th at the Chesapeake Inn Restaurant and Marina. On Monday, cruisers will head out and down the Delaware River to the South Jersey Marina in Cape May Harbor for a four-day stay. There are group activities or the option to just do your own thing.


By Chris Knauss, Southern Boating July 2018

Photo courtesy of The Marine Trawlers Owners Association

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