Hurricane Irma Update

Irma Update, Hurricane Irma Update

A Hurricane Irma Update

While The Bahamas didn’t experience a direct hit from Hurricane Irma, due to the expansive size of the storm—approximately 420 miles give or take the outer reaches of the spiraling winds—most of the islands encountered winds that caused a variety of degrees of damage.

According to reports published in the Bahamas Weekly, as of press time the “…restoration of essential services for those Bahamian islands most impacted by Hurricane Irma is moving full speed ahead….”

According to the report, Bahamas Power and Light states that repairs have been completed to the following islands: Acklins, Mayaguana, Crooked, Andros, and Bimini. While broadband services have generally been restored, some intermittent interruptions to service can be expected. Mobile services have been restored and can expect to be fully operational by the time this is published.

It was also reported that government agencies are in the process of cleaning up Ragged Island, where the rotting carcasses of dead animals could pose as a health hazard to residents and visitors. Prime Minister Minnis purportedly assured residents of his intentions that Ragged Island would be transformed into a model for sustainable community by rebuilding it into the first “fully green island in the region.”

Furthermore, Bahamian fishermen and fishing communities that were negatively impacted by Hurricane Irma will receive government assistance intended to allow for the purchase of both equipment and materials destroyed by the storm.

Southern Boating will keep readers apprised of the efforts underway. We will provide regular check-ins and  Hurricane Irma Updates.

By Rex Noel, Southern Boating November 2017

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