X Shore releases the X Shore 1

X Shore releases the X Shore 1

Swedish category leader continues to make sustainable electric boating a reality for a broader market

Stockholm – Sept. 1, 2022 – X Shore (www.xshore.com), the Swedish technology company behind a game-changing generation of fully-electric, silent, connected boats, announced today the launch of its latest model, the X Shore 1.

Built with X Shore’s latest smart technology, sustainable methods, and clean Scandinavian design, the X Shore 1 enters the market at an attractive and accessible price point, which will generate new and reinvigorated interest in electric boating. The new vessel starts at $139,000, which is around a third of the price of other high-performance electric boat models, whilst not compromising on performance or operational capabilities. The X Shore 1 will be built at X Shore Industries 1 in Nyköping, Sweden, and will be available in two configurations: Top and Open. First orders will be delivered to customers in the second quarter of 2023 and can be ordered via selected partners and on X Shore’s website.

The continued electrification of boating is crucial to support climate change mitigation and a decarbonized global economy. A swift transition to sustainable boating is necessary for global emission reduction targets to be achievable. To enable this transition, X Shore is massively ramping up production capacity and launching the X Shore 1 at a remarkable price point.

Emissions from high-performance fossil-fuelled boats are substantial and from just 50 hours on the water, common 6-10 meter boats can produce emissions comparable to more than 7 roundtrips between New York and central Europe by airplane. Beyond emissions, noise pollution from traditional boating is having a negative effect on the planet. The International Maritime Organisation has found that noise pollution from boats negatively impacts marine life, both short and long-term.

Commenting on the launch of the X Shore 1, X Shore CEO Jenny Keisu, said: “In order to bring electric boating to the largest possible audience, it is essential we bring to market a range of models and options to satisfy the different needs and desires of the global boating community. Crucially, the X Shore 1 enters the market at a remarkably low price point, as we must make electric boating competitive with fossil-fuel boats to speed up the transition. Just as importantly, by launching the X Shore 1, X Shore is hoping to encourage a new generation of boat owners, and show them that electric boating is not just the future, but the present. X Shore craft are already in the hands of customers and we will be delivering the first X Shore 1 boats to customers early next year, building them in our new factory at a rate of two boats per day as capacity expands. We are proud of our Swedish heritage, and the X Shore 1 pays homage to this through an innovative product that is designed with functionality and durability in every step, from production to use and lifetime.”

X Shore was founded on three pillars: design, sustainability, and technology. X Shore has set a course for long-term sustainability that paves the way for a net-zero future through its new technology, innovative research, smart design, and sustainable materials that allow passengers to explore the world’s oceans and lakes without the harmful noise and fumes a fossil-fuel engine emits.

The X Shore 1 has a multitude of core features that make it the ideal vessel for a day (or night) on the water: open transom with in-built swim platform; mesh rail furniture option with central passage; generous deck for sunbathing and leisure; integrated navigation lights in bow rail; cantilevered roof; retractable sun awnings; and water sport capabilities. The X Shore 1 will come in three specifications: Utility, Performance and Premium. The models are bought as seen.

The design of the X Shore 1 results in similar performance to the X Shore Eelex 8000 (www.xshore.com/eelex-8000), all the more impressive as it only has a single battery – reducing the cost for customers, and further reducing its carbon footprint. The size also enables easier transportation to customers, as it comfortably fits inside containers used in global shipping.

X Shore’s in-house production methods, on parts of the boat such as the hull, are industry-leading and deliver high-performance components which use significantly less material. X Shore use a combination of glass fiber and carbon fiber to balance weight, performance and environmental impact. X Shore in-house hull production will be done out of X Shore Industries 1, where the hulls will be produced via prepreg. As a result, the boats are lighter and only require a single 63 kWh battery. Using cork for the hull instead of teak provides further environmental benefits.

Specifications for the X Shore 1

Models – Open, Top
Length – 21 ft
Beam – 7.3 ft
Depth – 2.13 ft
Height – 5.4 ft (Open), 7.18 ft (Top)
Weight – 3400 lbs (Open), 3540 lbs (Top)
Electrical Motor – 125 kWh
Top Speed – 30 knots
Cruising speed – 20 knots
Battery – Kreisel battery pack KBP63, with 63kWh capacity
Range – 50 nautical miles (at lower speeds)
Charging – 20-80% 1.5 hours (22kW) / 4.6 hours (7.3kW) / fast charging 50 min (45kW)
Display – Large touch screen

About X Shore

The Swedish climate technology and electric boat company X Shore was founded in 2016 in Stockholm. Made in Sweden, X Shore has become the world’s leading supplier of electric boats with customers in markets such as North America and Europe. X Shore’s boats use no fossil fuels and have minimal impact on marine wildlife. X Shore has been awarded a number of prizes for the design of the model Eelex 8000, and in 2022 the company was nominated for the European Powerboat of the Year and received the jury’s special mention.

X Shore creates 100% electric boats for a fossil free tomorrow. By combining Swedish maritime craftsmanship with technology, innovation and sustainability, we are changing and charging the future of the boat industry. Sustainability is at the heart of everything X Shore does and the company was found by an independent auditor, Cicero Shades of Green AG, to be one of the most sustainable manufacturers in the world this year. For more information visit: www.xshore.com

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