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an image of the Cutwater 24 CW

Cutwater 24 CW

Cutwater 24 CW The new Cutwater 24 CW has an unbelievable amount of amenities packed onto a compact platform. Crafted from patented laminar flow interrupters underneath for grip while cornering at speed…

an image of the Valhalla V-33

Valhalla V-33

Valhalla V-33 Viking Yachts announces the formation of a new company, Valhalla Boatworks, that’s building…

an image of the new Solace 345

Solace 345

Solace 345 Stephen Dougherty’s new line of boats is ramping up in its Edgewater, Florida,…

Regulator 26XO

Regulator 26XO

Regulator 26XO Crossover. That’s how Regulator Marine describes its new Regulator 26XO. She goes from…

An image of the Blackwater 39 SF.

Blackwater 39 SF

The Blackwater 39 Sportfish will make any angler happy. Each Blackwater 39 SportFish is custom-built…