Southern Exposure’s Q&A: Jimmy Floyd, Sales Manager at Bradford Marine

Jimmy Floyd, Bradford Marine

SB: You have an extensive history in the marine industry. What sets Bradford Marine apart from competitors? How has it accomplished this and how will it continue to do so?
JF: Bradford Marine has been a leader in the industry since it first opened in 1966. Being a full-service shipyard has allowed Bradford Marine to offer its clients the comfort of having the trades of a shipyard under one roof. Owners and captains have the ease of working with a project manager who is assigned to each vessel, which allows more personal control over the project details and the delivery time of their vessel. Bradford Marine will continue to deliver quality work from our more than 130 tradesmen and continue to improve communication with our clients. It is a very competitive industry today and I believe the only way to set yourself apart is through quality workmanship, good service and great communication.

SB: What attracted you to work for Bradford Marine?
JF: I started at Bradford Marine in 1976 as Dockmaster, which was my first job in the yachting industry. Twenty-eight and a half years later I returned to Bradford knowing its history and reputation, wanting to be a part of a traditional business that I was familiar with and be a part of its continuing growth.

SB: What are you most proud of accomplishing in your position?
JF: In my 35 years of working in the industry, I take the most pride in the relationships I’ve made. I have been very fortunate during my career with the opportunity to work with people that take pride in what they do. You’re only as good as the people backing you up. Offer excellent service, stand behind your work and most of all, stand behind your word. That’s something to be proud of.

SB: What do you love most about what you do and what are your goals for 2015?
JF: I have to say that I most enjoy seeing customers happy when they leave the shipyard and even happier when you see them return to you. Bradford Marine has another facility in Freeport on Grand Bahama Island. Our goals for 2015 are to continue to offer great service and increase business at both facilities.

SB: How is Bradford Marine making a difference in the marine industry?
JF: Bradford Marine, along with others, has been collaborating with different business in the area to accommodate the ever-growing number of vessels visiting South Florida. The downturn in the economy several years back changed the way a lot of businesses operate, so we are hoping to continuously aid and increase cruisers in South Florida.

By Christine Carpenter, Southern Exposure