A New International Seakeepers Milestone

A new seakeepers milestone

The International SeaKeepers Society, Asia Educational Outreach program, has reached a key milestone hitting the 500-student participant mark since its commencement in 2016.

On the 31st July 2018, Dr. Martin Gutowski, Sales Director at Kongsberg Maritime Singapore, delivered a presentation about the application of radar and sonar technology used in research and conservation of our marine environment. This was a new International Seakeepers Milestone.

Students from the Changkat Changi Secondary School were given the opportunity to meet an industry expert and to learn how nature has inspired developments of systems that are used to make the underwater world visible. There was also time for lighter moments as the Students were challenged to a quiz with prizes given out.

Students were interested to find out how underwater sound is used by marine mammals for communication and sourcing food as it is by human technology to survey the seafloor. Sonar systems not only produce maps that are used as nautical charts for navigation, but they are also used to study the environment and is also used in major and valuable applications such as when searching for missing aircraft and sunken treasures in the deep.

Changkat Changi Secondary School
Kongsberg Maritime Pte. Ltd

Press contact:
Gail Tay
Director of Operations & Programmes
International SeaKeepers Society, Asia

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