Band the Billfish Tournament

An image of winners at the Band the Billfish Tournament

Band the Billfish Tournament

Sport fishing tournaments are some of the most generous supporters of conservation efforts aimed at maintaining healthy oceans and sustaining fish species populations. None represents this better than North Carolina Ducks Unlimited Band the Billfish Tournament held in Morehead City, North Carolina.

The tournament worked with the National Marine Fisheries to establish minimum catch weights for Blue Marlin to allow younger fish not yet of breeding age to grow into maturity. The tournament is proud to report a 100 percent release rate over the last 15 years and in 24 of the tournament’s 30- year history. The previous years had a release rate of 99 percent.

This year’s tournament, held July 18-21, begins with a Captains’ Party. Fishing days will be July 19-21, and teams fish any two of the three days. More than $100,000 is up for grabs in prize money with special categories for Lady Anglers and Greenwing Anglers.

By Bob Arrington, Southern Boating July 2018
Photo courtesy of Point Click Ducks Unlimited

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