March 2017 Stem To Stern

March 2017 Stem To Stern

Our popular stem-to-stern feature is a collection of gifts, gear, and gadgets you need for a successful cruising experience. Below is Southern Boating’s recommended products from March. Enjoy!

Dometic’s Avalanche CoolersDometic’s-Avalanche-Coolers

Dometic’s Avalanche Coolers are built tough to take the abuse that comes from the way you play. These coolers have a sturdy handle and wheels for easy maneuverability and are built to withstand any situation. Extended ice retention will keep your beverages cool for hours. MSRP varies;

Taco Marine’s Rub Rail KitsTaco-Marine’s-Rub-Rail-Kits

Taco Marine’s Rub Rail Kits are suitable for all sizes of boats and include all necessary components for replacing the rub rail, including stainless steel fasteners and end caps. Each kit is available in one-piece continuous coils of flexible or semi-rigid vinyl. MSRP varies;

MagicEzy UV ShieldMagicEzy-UV-Shield-

A simple application of MagicEzy UV Shield protects a wide range of surfaces including glass, hard and flexible clear acrylic windows and vinyl from the harsh effects of the sun. A three-month guarantee ensures peace of mind for you and your boat. MSRP $27.49;

SuperMAX AnchorsSuperMAX-Anchors

SuperMAX Anchors hold strong in most any seabed or wind conditions; they’ve even held in hurricane-force winds. Sturdy, hot-dip galvanized construction provides years of use. Manufactured in the U.S., they’re available in rigid, pivoting and shank models. MSRP $99 and up;



A Leatherman tool comes in handy anytime, anywhere. With no limits to functionality, each tread combines Allen wrenches, screwdrivers and box wrenches at a moment’s notice. It’s fully customizable with the links you’ll need the most. MSRP $165;

McMurdo’s SmartFind M5McMurdo’s-SmartFind-M5

McMurdo’s SmartFind M5 is compliant with the U.S. Coast Guard Mandate and a flexible, low-cost, easy-to-install AIS Class A transponder. It incorporates a fully comprehensive AIS MOB and AIS SART alarm to aid in MOB recovery. MSRP $2,499;


Gyro-Gale Gyro-Gale

Gyro-Gale offers several gyrostabilizer models that are slim and compact enough to even fit under a bunk. With a minimalist design that’s both sleek and intricate, each stabilizer produces minimal drag and reduces pitching motion. Choose from a range of gyroscopes and a variety of fin models. MSRP varies;


Hella Marine’s 10 Things to Consider When Purchasing LED Lighting

LED-GuideheWith its long lifespan, high efficiency and ultra-low battery drain, LED lighting is one of the easiest improvements boat owners can make. Hella Marine’s 10 Things to Consider When Purchasing LED Lighting helps cruisers navigate through a wide range of products to assist in choosing the best selection for your vessel. Download at [td_smart_list_end]