Chicken Quesadilla

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Chicken Quesadilla

When your mom goes out of town you ask: But what’s there to eat? She will always answer: Make yourself a dang chicken quesadilla!

This will also be the answer if you are cruising on your boat. While we can guarantee that you’ll like this meal, the same can not be said for Tina.

Spice Mixture:

1 tsp. each ground cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, salt, onion powder, and paprika
½ tsp. dried oregano

Quesadilla Ingredients:

1¼ lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs (beef or shrimp is good, too)
3 cups sliced bell peppers
2 cups sliced onions
8 flour tortillas (10-inch)
16 oz. shredded cheese
Sour cream and salsa, to serve

Directions for Chicken Quesadillas:

Heat grill to high (meat, veggies, and quesadillas can also be heated on the stovetop or baked in an oven at 375°F).

Combine ingredients for spice mixture in a bowl. Sprinkle half mixture on chicken and cook on the grill for 6 minutes. Mix remaining spice with veggies, flip chicken and add veggies to grill; cook about 5-6 minutes.

Transfer cooked veggies to a bowl, and let chicken rest on a cutting board for 10 minutes. Lower grill temperature and cook tortillas until lightly browned on each side. Remove from heat and assemble chicken quesadillas.

Slice chicken thinly, place one tortilla on plate and top with cheese, chicken, peppers,  onions, and 2 additional tablespoons of cheese. Top with another tortilla. Repeat to make four quesadillas and place back of a medium-low grill for 5-10 minutes until cheese is melted.

Cut into 6 pieces and eat like a pizza, dipping in salsa and sour cream.

By Lori Ross, Southern Boating June 2019

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