Mykonos Lemonade

Mykonos Lemonade Recipe from Southern Boating

Mykonos Lemonade

We’re totally Greekin’ over this tasty Mykonos Lemonade! Tastes like easy summer days from your childhood lemonade stand. Or, if you’re anything like me, it tastes like the odd concoctions of various alcohol pilfered from your parent’s liquor cabinet that you brought to the beach to mix with frozen lemonade. Just me? Oh.

Anyway, this cocktail either serves as a memory of happier times or time you got in trouble with your parents. Either way, it’s dang tasty. Enjoy this Mykonos Lemonade!


1 lemon wedge (or 2 Tbsp. lemon juice)
2 Tbsp. sugar
8 oz. brandy
6 oz. Cointreau
6 oz. lemon juice
8 oz. lemonade (bottled or made from frozen)


Moisten the rims of four glasses with lemon, then dip them in the sugar. Place glasses in the refrigerator to chill. Mix remaining ingredients and chill. Serve over ice in the sugared glasses.

Recipe from Lori Ross, Southern Boating, April 2019

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