Hubbell Marine’s 50 Amp Shore Power Cable Set

Electrical connections are vital for the safety of a boat. Hubbell Marine’s 50 Amp Shore Power Cable Set features a thermoset contact carrier that is arc and heat resistant as well as waterproof. Copper crimp barrel terminations provide tighter connections and a longer life. A bullring brings strain relief on the terminals, while a molded-in flex feature controls the angle of cord entry and keeps water out. The cord’s nickel-plated brass shell and contacts help prevent corrosion. A metallic threaded ring provides a watertight seal when mated with the shore power inlet, while the lip protects the plug/receptacle connection from moisture. Some of Hubbell’s 50 amp cords feature two bright LEDs. A green light indicates Power On and red designates Incorrect Wiring at the power source—both are visible even in bright sunlight. MRSP from $450;

By Nathalie Gouillou, Southern Exposure, September 2015