Boat gadgets come in all shapes and sizes. New products enter the market daily. You can count on Southern Boating to keep you updated on the newest gadgets for boating.
Yacht Protector Devices

Yacht Protector is your new Virtual Crew

Yacht Protector monitors your boat, makes sense and saves cents. Owners of large yachts typically employ crew to manage and care for their yachts and to...

Free Weather Widgets

Check the forecast with marine-centered apps before casting off. Every cruiser should know to check the weather before leaving the dock. However, there’s more to it...

SeaLife’s Micro 2.0 Camera

Capture the clearest underwater photos with SeaLife’s Micro 2.0 Cameras. Permanently sealed for safe underwater use up to 200-feet (60m) deep, these cameras require...

Docktail Bar

Set up your bar just in time for happy hour without the worry of spilling drinks with Docktail Bar. Pick from a variety of...

Aquatic AV BlueCube Media Player

Aquatic AV BlueCube Media Player is designed to be installed completely hidden and out of sight. The BlueCube features a USB connection for playback...


Tiara 34LX

Horizon PC65

Annual Haul Out Guide