Boat Handling Classes at MIBS

Boat Handling Classes at MIBS

New to boating or want to hone your skills?  There will be on-water boat handling classes during the Miami International Boat Show.

Fear of handling a boat in close quarters is a common feeling expressed by many boaters. The organizers of this year’s Miami Boat Show would like to help people get past that fear. Offered every day of the show from February 15-19, on-water boat handling classes at MIBS. These training programs will run in one- or three-hour sessions.

The one-hour sessions will cover close-quarters, open-water and anchoring skills in single engine outboards. Skills addressed include steering and maintaining maximum boat control at slow speeds; managing momentum; how to slow and stop quickly, and
turning the boat around in tight spaces.

The three-hour sessions will cover basic, advanced and precision control in twin outboard and sterndrive configurations.

Professionally licensed captains will be teaching effective use of the three most important close quarters handling skills: steering, shifting and throttle control. Participants will also learn techniques for docking the boat confidently in windy conditions and station keeping in the wind as a proactive safety tool.

By Bob Arrington Southern Boating February 2018

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