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Put St. Barths on Your Bucket Regatta List

THERE’S NOTHING LIKE A REGATTA for pure fun and, perhaps, there’s no place better to watch superyachts frolic on tropical turquoise seas than on the equally dazzling island of St. Barths. It’s here, from March 15-18, that the 24th St. Barths Bucket takes place. “No other regatta of this magnitude on the superyacht racing circuit has as its goals camaraderie and a non-commercial spirit built around the pure pleasure and enjoyment
of spending time on the sea with like-minded individuals,” says Event Manager Jeanne Kleene.

This year, more than 30 yachts sized 100-foot-plus have accepted invitations to sail. This includes the 108-foot Ribelle, built at the Netherlands’ Vitters Shipyard, launched in 2017 and debuting in St. Barths, as will My Song, a newly built 130-foot Baltic yacht. Classic yachts joining the Bucket fleet for the first time include the 100-foot Sea Dragon and 105-foot Farfalla. Additionally, overall Bucket winners returning to defend or recapture titles are SPIIP, Unfurled, and Visione. The chance to watch the racing by day from several of St. Barths iconic beach bars plus take part in festivities, such as the Bucket Bash and award presentations, makes regatta week second only to the French islands’ famed New Year’s Eve celebrations as the most fun time of the year for everyone, sailors and spectators alike.

“The island of St.Barths is a fantastic place to visit,” invites Kleene. “The island attractions, beaches, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife provide unlimited opportunities for fun and relaxation in a safe Caribbean environment.”


By Carol Bareuther, Southern Boating March 2018

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