Hurricane Prep at Puerto Del Ray

an image of the marina at Puerto Del Rey

Get Hurricane Ready at Puerto Del Ray

The 2018 hurricane season has begun. If you haven’t already, it’s time to plan where to haul your vessel if leaving it in the Caribbean. Puerto Del Ray has a solution for you.

Puerto del Rey in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, offers its storm-tested offerings again this year. The Seasonal Tie Down program protects monohulls and multihulls with underground hurricane-proof steel and concrete structures. “Our wet slip customers can participate in the Emergency Haul Out Program where boats are removed from the water and put into land storage for tie-down when a hurricane warning is in effect,” says CEO Carolina Corral.

The cost of this program ranges from $100-$125 per foot. If there are no hurricanes, vessels get a free haul-out and launch in the first three months of the following year. Puerto del Rey certainly passed the ultimate test of these programs when Category 5 Hurricane Maria devastated the island in September.

More specifically, over 1,300 vessels survived. Less than 3 percent sank, 99.67 percent of those in the dry stack storage were undamaged and 93 percent in hurricane storage programs were in a condition to cruise immediately.

By Carol Bareuther, Southern Boating July 2018
Photo courtesy of Puerto Del Ray 

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