16 Things You Didn’t Know About The Bahamas

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At Southern Boating, we like to think of ourselves as experts on The Bahamas. It’s the main focus of our May issue each year, and we generally think we have acquired quite a few tidbits and facts about the island county.

Turns out, there were a few things we still didn’t know.

Here are 16 Bahamas Facts that you may or may not know.

While the pronunciation may not be perfect, it seems as if these 16 Bahamas facts are all true. The claims of sea lions are the most unbelievable, but as it turns out, there is a sea lion excursion located on Blue Lagoon Island. News to us!

Do you have an interesting fact about The Bahamas that we may not know? Share in the comments!

  1. Established in 1958, the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park (ECLSP) is the first marine reserve in the
    Bahamas and the wider Caribbean. It is renowned for its breathtaking beauty, species
    biodiversity, secluded beaches, amazing views and safe anchorages. Throughout the park you
    can explore the underwater magnificence o coral reefs, mangroves and seagrasses, stroll along
    pristine beaches, traverse several hiking trails, and observe tons of wildlife including, birds, fish,
    turtles and iguanas. Amenities at the ECLSP headquarters on Warderick Wells include wireless
    internet, office gift shop, ice, kayaks and moorings. ECLSP Wardens and Royal Bahamas Defense
    Force officers are also stained at Warderick Wells; they maintain constant Patrols and
    surveillance of the park, and are able to offer assistance during emergencies.

    The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is roughly 22nm long by 8nm wide and covers approximately
    112,640 acres. Within the park’s boundaries are: Little Wax Cay, Shroud Cay, Little Pidgeon Cay
    (private), Hawksbill Cay, Little Hawksbill Cay, Cistern Cay (private), Long Cay, Warderick Wells
    Cay, Halls Pond Cay, Little White Bay Cay (private), South Halls Pond Cay (private), Solider Cay
    (private), O’briens Cay, Pasture Cays, Bell Island (private), Little Bell Island (private) and Rocky

    The Exuma Park is a strict no-take zone, making it the first marine fisheries reserve in the wider
    Caribbean. Park Warden request all visitors to report any poaching or other unusual activity they
    may observe – no fishing, shelling, conching, or lobstering of any kind is permitted within the
    Exuma Park boundaries.

    National Parks are managed by the Bahamas National Trust to preserve and maintain a delicate
    balance of functionality, visitor services, staff infrastructure and the preservation and
    minimization of impacts to the natural landscape.

    The Bahamas National Trust is a unique organization. Created by an historic act of parliament in
    1959 and given the mandate to create and manage the national parks system of The Bahamas,
    we are possibly the only non-governmental, entity in the world with this task.
    BNT, a not-for-profit organization with a legislative mandate to manage the country’s National
    Park System, manages 32 national parks, covering more than 2 million acres.

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