Marlow Yachts – FLIBS 19

Marlow Yachts

Marlow spared no effort or expense in building its largest yacht ever, Ice, the first Marlow Voyager 100 (100’ 5” LOA, 22’ 6” beam). Built of Kevlar and carbon fiber using Marlow’s proprietary Full Stack Infusion process, the hull is as strong as they come. Specifications are top of the line, such as cupronickel piping, custom climate control, and systems like waste heat recovery and tender refueling. There are even backups to the backups for all essential systems. The engine room is expansive with eight-foot headroom to allow full access to the Baudouin engines, chosen for their access to key internal components that would normally require the engine to be removed. Topping out at 22 knots and capable of 2,900 nm at 10 knots, they also deliver the quietest operation Marlow has witnessed in all their years.

ICE: 100′ 5″ LOA, 22′ 6″ beam

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