Hargrave’s new 101 epitomizes the company’s mantra of class, timelessness and larger than life.

Here’s the quickest way to really understand the new Hargrave 101 or, rather, to understand Hargrave Yachts. In general, builders of luxury yachts are faceless entities.

But when you stop by the Hargrave dock at a boat show, you’ll see a smiling guy with a badge that says “Mike Joyce.” Joyce is Hargrave. Oh, sure, there was a Jack Hargrave that designed great yachts, but he’s long gone and Joyce had the business acumen and, ahem, the large “huevos” to turn that name into one of the most recognizable builders in the marine industry.

Saying that Joyce is the driving force behind every Hargrave is like saying that Niagara is a waterfall. Standing on a Hargrave yacht talking to a potential customer, Joyce suddenly whips out a notepad and scribbles something. “Sorry,” he says to the client, “I just saw something I think we can do better and wanted to remember it.” Every new Hargrave benefits from everything Joyce and his dedicated team have learned from every past Hargrave.

More than 50 percent of Joyce’s Hargrave owners are on their second Hargrave, and some are on their fourth. Buying a Hargrave is like joining a family—owners stay in touch even when they live thousands of miles apart. And that’s because of Joyce, who believes in treating his clients right. As a two-time Hargrave owner said, “There’s one reason I keep buying Hargraves and that’s because Mike never says ‘no.’ His answer to everything I wanted, including some difficult changes, was always, ‘Sure, we can do that.’”