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Centered on the Northern Gulf Coast, a massive $60 million facility shaped like a giant sea-going vessel is nearing completion on Mobile, Alabama’s downtown waterfront. GulfQuest is set to become the largest maritime museum on the Gulf Coast and will showcase the unique legacy of this coast’s history on the water. Dedicated to education and covering everything from
privateers to modern containerized shipping, the interactive museum’s 90,000-square-foot exhibit space is expected to open to the public in June.

GulfQuest Executive Director Tony Zodrow states, “Mobile was the birthplace of containerized shipping, and with our connections to the oil service industry, seafood harvesting and maritime history, our museum will showcase all of this through interactive exhibits. It’s been a long road since this project was conceived in the mid 1990s, and we’re understandably proud of what this public and private initiative has accomplished.”

Situated in the heart of a working commercial harbor and adjacent to a cruise line terminal, GulfQuest’s 90 planned exhibits will explore shipbuilding, navigation, hurricanes, trade routes, shipwrecks, and coastal stewardship—all of which will be housed inside the stern of a full-sized container vessel built within the structure. Zodrow adds, “These exhibits are not only about maritime history. They will illuminate the past but also highlight the present and point to the future of the Gulf Coast.”

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