The Stock Market is Looking Better

The Stock Market is Looking Better But…
Caution is Still Advised.


Hello Gaugers. It was a good and profitable week for those long in the market these past 5 and even 9 days since the beginning of the year.

I have read one article and commentary after another stating that we’re surely in the beginning of a new bull market. Here are just a few of the comments (and charts) I have seen that state the S&P is behaving better and “this time is different”… But is it?

  • January is historically the best month during a pre-election year for stocks, up 4.1% on average. This bodes well for the whole year.


  • Inflationary pressures have subsided. Look at Gasoline, the U.S. Dollar and interest rates. They are all giving the stock market some wind at its back (however, the equal weighted S&P has not gone anywhere – see chart below).


Actually, I could go on and on because in a decent up trending market, similar to what we have experienced in the past 9 trading days, everyone wants to get on board.

It feels nice, and for a change, the positive bias is welcome.

Plus, most of our algo-based strategies are ripping higher, and we are thrilled about that.

For example:

  1. Large Cap Leaders +8.4% (learn more with last week’s webinar replay)
  2. GEMS +6.6%
  3. NASDAQ All Stars 7.9%
  4. ETF Sector Plus +8.9%

Investors feel a sense of relief, and positive market daily closes put a smile on our faces and a little more energy in our step. However, it most likely will not last. 

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