Day Two: Virgin Gorda Island

Day Two: Virgin Gorda Island

Our first full day on the boat was a great one! We threw “ structure” out of our day and just went with the flow—what an amazing feeling. We woke up and started cruising to our next destination before we even had breakfast; we just couldn’t wait! This kind of laxity isn’t something you get to experience on a daily basis, but how easy would it be to get used to.

Our first stop was Virgin Gorda to see The Baths. The gargantuan boulders lie on the sands like marbles a giant left behind. Our first suggestion to everyone visiting The Baths, is to make sure you pick the right spot to start exploring. We made the mistake of unloading all of our gear too far north and ended up having to do a lot of extra swimming to circumvent some of the spots with boulders. The only way we would have been able to get around was by jumping from boulder to boulder (!). We could have stayed there all day, it was stunning.

Our second and last stop for the day was at Bitter End Yacht Club. We slowly cruised up the coast from The Baths to BEYC. First thing on our agenda as we arrived at the club was frozen drinks at the pool—so refreshing. We had dinner at one of their restaurants (The Clubhouse Steak & Seafood Grille); they couldn’t have sat us at a better table—just a foot away from the water. The property and service are top notch.

Not much to report on after-dinner activities as we are starting to notice a trend: Staying up past 9PM is proving to be very difficult after a day full of fun in the sun!