ANGARI Foundation: Generation Ocean: Sharks

ANGARI Foundation: Generation Ocean: Sharks

ANGARI Foundation has released its newest 360 film “Generation Ocean: Sharks.” The second of the “Generation Ocean” series, this short film follows Florida Atlantic University (FAU) shark scientist Stephen Kajiura and his research team from the FAU Elasmobranch Lab as they study the well-known blacktip shark migration, a natural phenomenon that brings blacktip populations down the eastern coast of the United States to South Florida every winter. The film also speaks to predator-prey dynamics and the interactions between blacktip and hammerhead sharks.

The 360 film experience fully immerses the viewer, providing them with an up close and firsthand perspective of the fieldwork and making them feel as if they are part of the research expedition. “Generation Ocean: Sharks” is set in Palm Beach County, Florida aboard oceanographic research vessel R/V ANGARI and a reconnaissance plane conducting aerial surveys. Both underwater and drone footage are also featured.

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